Performance Guarantee


The Logicopy Platinum Maintenance Agreement includes all service, parts, drums, travel, genuine OEM toner and supplies for the entire term. Optional supply items such as paper and staples are not included


Logicopy prides itself in a factory trained technical staff providing our Logicopy Customers with the fastest service response times in the industry. Logicopy's average response time is 4 business hours from the time you place the call.


Logicopy will service the equipment provided under the Platinum Maintenance Agreement to be operational with a quarterly uptime average of 95% (based on manufacturer's performance standards and an 8-hour day, during normal business hours, excluding weekends), excluding preventative and interim maintenance time. Downtime will begin at the time you place a service call to Logicopy. You agree to make the equipment available to Logicopy for scheduled preventative and interim maintenance. You further agree to give Logicopy advance notice of any critical and specific uptime needs you may have so that Logicopy can schedule with you interim and preventive maintenance in advance of such needs.


If your equipment, or its accessories, do not operate within manufacturer's specifications, and if the equipment cannot be repaired to perform within specifications, Logicopy will replace the equipment or accessory (unit for unit) with an identical model or one with comparable features.