What is LogicopyCares?

LogicopyCares is a program focused on placing office equipment into nonprofits and charities, eliminating the need to purchase equipment or outsource services.

How does it work?

If you are a tax exempt 501(c) nonprofit or charity located in San Diego County or Orange County, we will provide office equipment that best suits your copying and printing environment.

How do we participate in LogicopyCares?

Simply visit our website at www.logicopycares.org to fill out an application and begin the process.

How will you determine who is a good candidate?

We can do a cost analysis to see if this solution is a good fit for you.

Is this program for everyone?

No. Depending on your existing workflow, we will help determine if this program fits your specific needs.

Does it cost anything?

A maintenance agreement is required at a set rate per copy.

Do we get to pick which equipment we get?

Yes and No. We can help you find the machine that best fits your specific environment and copy volume.

How long does it take to schedule delivery?

As soon as you’ve been selected to receive your equipment we can typically have it installed within one week.

How long can we keep the equipment?

You can keep the equipment as long as you like, provided you continue your maintenance agreement. If you choose to discontinue maintenance, we can relocate the machine to another nonprofit.

Why is this solution less expensive than outsourcing or using my desktop printers?

Depending on print volume, the maintenance agreement is typically less expensive than purchasing toner, ink and service.

Is the service level different with LogicopyCares?

All of our customers receive the same superior level of service.

What is included in the Maintenance Agreement?

The maintenance agreement includes all toner, parts, repair and labor. This excludes paper and staples.

Is the Maintenance Agreement required?

Yes. The maintenance agreement ensures that your equipment remains in top operating condition.

Can we hire another company to service our equipment?

Service can only be provided by Logicopy.

If we are on a lease currently, can LogicopyCares still benefit us?

Yes.  We can help you with a cost analysis and set up a strategic long and short term plan to benefit you.

How is the Maintenance Agreement billed?

The usage is billed monthly.

What if we need help or have any additional questions?

Feel free to call Logicopy directly at 760-438-8000 or email us at hello@logicopycares.com