Giving back to the community

We at Logicopy and our partners genuinely have a desire to give back and help out the local community. Often as individuals, we help our local nonprofits through donations and volunteering, but sometimes struggle to see how we can help as a business. We discovered how our business could be a vehicle for change in our community through nonprofits, and thus was born LogicopyCares.

Logicopy's goal is to provide copy and print equipment to local nonprofits and charities free of lease payments, rental fees or large purchase amounts. The only thing that nonprofits will pay for with their free equipment is the maintenance, period.

We have found that many organizations have to divert efforts and attention away from objectives to deal with issues involving the creation and distribution of print materials. It can be extremely costly; it can consume much of their time and resources, and most importantly, take away from customer satisfaction. Many nonprofits are currently outsourcing their printing or have expensive lease payments and supply costs. Through LogicopyCares, nonprofits will be able to receive a quality machine and never have to worry about any other costs other than maintenance. As LogicopyCares expands, the goal will be to reach even more deserving nonprofits in our local community.

Together, we can accomplish outcomes that no one individual or one organization can accomplish alone. We all have a chance to impact our community and make a difference in the lives of many. Join us in sharing this fun and exciting adventure with friends, family and businesses, as LogicopyCares strives to improve our community, one nonprofit at a time. If you’re a nonprofit, charity or know of a business that could benefit from high quality copy and print equipment, contact us by phone or visit for more information.