The Only Place in San Diego County for High Quality Copiers without lease payments for Nonprofits
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Can our Nonprofit really get a FREE copier?
LogicopyCares is focused on getting quality copiers to nonprofits that need superior printing without the hassle of purchasing equipment, signing expensive leases or incurring monthly rental fees. The only requirement with LogicopyCares is the maintenance agreement to ensure your equipment is always running at an optimum level. That's it!
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No Lease Payments
Quality Equipment
Amazing Service
Nonprofits show they care every day; this is our way of giving back to them.
LogicopyCares is how we can help the local community through our business. The only thing better than the lease free equipment is the quality of service we provide. All of our machines are backed by the LogicopyCares Performance Guarantee, so you can always be sure to get friendly, timely and helpful assistance if you need it.
Here to Help Nonprofits Save Money
The less money nonprofits spend on copying and printing, the more they can spend on doing what they do best; helping the community.

LogicopyCares helps San Diego County nonprofits save a ton of money on printing and copying. Best of all, they don’t have to worry about paying for the machine, just the maintenance.

As long as there's an active maintenance agreement, you can keep your equipment as long as you like!
Signing up for LogicopyCares is simple. Just register on our website, wait for your application to be approved, sign for your equipment and schedule delivery. No credit checks, lease payments or hoops to jump through. Just a quality machine ready to go for your nonprofit.
If you are a tax exempt 501(c)3 nonprofit or charity you are eligible. There are no specific volume requirements or crazy criteria in order to get a quality copier. We’ll also do a cost analysis to make sure the program is a good fit for you, and provide the office equipment that best suits your copying and printing environment.
You can sign up right here. Be sure to enter all your contact information, an idea of how much you’re printing and any lease information you currently have, as well as your 501(c)3 ID for the application. That’s it! The application process is short and simple. After approval, we can typically have your equipment out to you within the week.
Still Have More Questions? Read our FAQ